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Weighing Down Our Kids: Confronting Size-Ism and Weight Stigma in the Counseling Space


3 CEUs


With so much attention on the rise of childhood obesity, school and clinical counselors are on the front lines to help children navigate these messages without harming their mental health. This session will consider the most common issues a counselor is likely to see around children and food. We will challenge commonsense advice and look at what the research says about the best ways counselors can support children to be healthy in body and mind.

Objectives of the course:

  • Report the broader issues that surround the health of Ohio’s children as they relate to food insecurity, weight, and dieting;
  • Describe common clinical concerns around children, food, and weight and learn how child development impacts children’s relationship to food;
  • Identify inappropriate messaging and help families interrogate harmful beliefs around food and feeding;
  • Understand how to talk to children about nutrition and health in a developmentally and clinically appropriate way;
  • Offer appropriate psychoeducation to families and professionals struggling to support children around food and nutritional choices.

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