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How it works

You send us a pitch about the workshop you’d like to present. This can be a PowerPoint, a paper, a presentation you’ve given live or simply an idea you have. Then we have a discussion to see if it’s a pitch that is likely to meet the requirements of the Ohio Counselor Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapy licensing board’s criteria for continuing education.

If we decide to move forward together, we will send you a contract, you’ll sign and then you’ll create the content and we will take what you give us and craft a digital version of the workshop. You will be invited to give input to be sure that the course meets your expectations as an instructor. Once we’ve all approved it, we’ll take it live.

We will market the site in general and your course in particular (each month we send out an email blast with that month’s new offerings). You are, of course, also welcome to market your courses to all Ohio counselors and social workers!

What this means for you

You retain all content rights

Whatever content you share with us remains yours. Our contract gives us the right to publish it, promote it and market it on our site but you continue to own the training content meaning you can offer live versions of your workshop without any non-compete violations.

Our site will promote you

Workshop authors have bios on each of their courses and are also invited to submit a longer biography (with images) for their teacher pages that links back to their practice site or Psychology Today profile.

We pay each month via PayPal

Once your account hits $20 we will pay you via PayPal with payments going out once a month. This will continue for as long as you remain under contract with us. If at any time you choose to take your course off-line, we will pay the remaining balance (if any).

We take care of the design, the marketing, CEU approval, tracking payments and attendance, administering the quiz and evaluations, sending out course certificates and reporting to the board.


In other words, you create the course content and we do all the rest.

Our goals:

  • To create high quality virtual continuing education courses on a variety of topics with diverse but well-informed and well researched points of view to support best practices of Ohio’s counseling and social work community;
  • To make it easier and more convenient for Ohio therapists to get continuing education credits that enhance and edify their work;
  • To support therapists who want to share their wisdom and expertise in order to create more communication, connection and knowledge-building;
  • To identify and give a platform to the thought leaders in our community so that we can build a stronger, more cohesive network of counselors and social workers across Ohio.

Will my workshop proposal be a good fit?

Per the CSWMFT licensing board guidelines:

Programs that lean heavily towards business, religion or are medically based (without a mental health component), and those with content such as Reiki, sign language and first-aid, are not considered as being related to counseling or social work. In addition, continuing education to promote personal growth of the licensee shall not be accepted.

The program shall be related to counselor areas:

Human growth and development; counseling theory: counseling techniques; group dynamics, processing, and counseling; appraisal of individuals; research and evaluation; professional, legal and ethical responsibilities; social and cultural foundations; lifestyles and career development; clinical psychopathology, personality and abnormal behavior; evaluation of mental and emotional status; diagnosis of mental and emotional disorders; methods of intervention and prevention of mental and emotional disorders; treatment of mental and emotional disorders; supervision, and administration.


And/or social work areas:

Social work theory; social work methods; human development and behavior; social welfare and policy; social work values and ethics; social work research; social work supervision; social work administration; and/or social work with special populations.

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